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We have hundreds of books. Old belongings to former Druids and Druidesses. These book of shadows contains spells far greater than any other coven can offer or handle. We are proud of our heritage and powers. We use it for good and as long as your intentions are good, no one will judge you and no bad karma will come to anyone. Our spells never hurt anyone in any way. This we promise!

We handle every case discrete and we will never use your testimonials unless we get a written consent to do so. Our correspondence will be confidential and neither we or you will mention anything about the spells work or the circumstances around it.

You come here to have results. Period! We are here to help you with that. We are professionals who do this for a living. The spell casting service is not free and should be treated with respect.

We are happy to assist you with thoughts and questions that might arise before, during or after the process of the cast. We want you to be happy with the service provided.

How to order:
1. Write down all information you have about your situation. Add what you wish us to help you with. Easiest is if you write it down as 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. etc..

2. Contact us and give us this info. The more you give and the better you explain, the better we can help. We will analyze your case and give you options on our spell services. The CONSULTATION is FREE!

3. You will receive answer from us and some practical information. We want you to answer us as soon as possible. We are very busy and need to know if you want the service or not. If you do, then we will book your cast, in other case we will give the chance to someone else. Please take control and make a decision so we can start with your work in a rapid manor.

4.You pay by using paypal, credit cards or e-check. This is a very secure method of paying. Read at

5. We get all information we need from you, we confirm the date of the cast and you get the instructions of a small and easy candle ceremony. You will perform it after the cast has been made.

Below is short descriptions of some popular spells we cast. If you don't see what you need, then contact us immediately!

Love Spells

Find my soul mate - Have you ever wondered if there is indeed a Prince (or Princess) Charming for everyone? Of course there is! But, it can be a little tricky to get hold of them.

Return my lover - Have you found the Right One but lost him/her? No matter how or why, we will help you get your love back in your life again!

Make my lover faithful to me - Do you worry about your lovers wandering eyes? Let us help you with a spell to make your lover faithful forever!

True friendship spell - Good friends are really important to everyone no matter if you are rich or poor, famous or not yet.

Custom love spell - (only available after consulting us) If you don't find what you need or you think that you have multiple issues contact us at once. This spell is fitted to suit your needs especially.

"I didn't want to stay single anymore and when I found this site and ordered their find my soul mate spell I was amazed with the results! In two weeks I will be married to the man of my dreams!"

"Druidess Nimue helped me create a custom made love spell to make my extremely stubborn and insecure husband come home again, and stay faithful which I thought was impossible. I owe her my everlasting gratitude!"

Fortune Spells

Luck in life - Need help with the little things as well as the more important things in life? How about good parking spots, choosing the right line at the supermarket, getting the best deals or even...

Luck in love - Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to say and do when you meet that good looking neighbor or girl at the deli. What if you had supernatural help to make sure you get all possible luck in love?

Business success - Do you have a new business in need of a boost? Maybe you are established but need some extra help to get that important deal?

Career boost - Getting a promotion or a good job when you need one isn't easy in today’s world.

Educational skill - SAT scores, applying for universities, passing really important exams?

" When my friend told me about this website I was really skeptical but when my daughter got her exam results back I was convinced of their powers!"

"I have a new starting business and I wanted some more clients to start with. I ordered the business success spell and had three big company's sign a deal with me within one month!"

Protection Spells

Protection against curses - Do you suspect that you have a curse hanging over your soul? Or maybe an ancient fight between families has left its remains? We will help you to clear all curses and live in peace!

Protection against evil spirits - Sometimes angry spirits of other generations decide to haunt you and make your life miserable. It can of course also be the work of an angry neighbor or someone that you know… we can protect you against this also.

Protection against bad energies - All around us energies influences our lives and if those energies prove to be more bad than good you will face many different hardships in life. Shielding yourself against them can be the key to a successful and happy life!

"When my sisters and I grew up we always had illness and bad luck. These Celtic Witches removed the curses we had on us and now we are healthy again."

Prosperity spells

Money flow - Imagine that every month just adds up without problems! Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Gambling spell - Never any right numbers on the lotto? Or no luck at the casino? Just tell us and your luck in gambling will change!

General money spell -

Jackpot spell - (make a special request) Many of us really want to hit the jackpot and spend the rest of your days in peace and quite. Right? Well, it will require a special spell… We only have a limited number of this spell so contact us as soon as possible for your chance!

" I am forever grateful for the help they have provided me with for removing my debts! I had a general money spell and within 1 month my debts where as good as gone!"

Beauty spells

Perfect hair spell - Shiny, strong and full of volume! Sounds like a commercial? The perfect hair magick is the reason why many models and stars don't have bad hair days!

Breast/Penis enhancement spell - Pills, creams, and operations are expensive and really expensive. You can gain one cup size on your breasts or 1-2 inches on your penis.

Weight loss spell - It can be very difficult to loose that extra weight or even to gain some extra pounds! With our magick your metabolism will work like a clock making you be fit and healthy!

Celtic Goddess spell - Only available after consulting us (super powerful)

"After having an accident which gave me burns and scars all over my left side of the torso I ordered the Celtic goddess spell and was amazed with the results! Soft, scar free skin and also a leaner and more balanced body with a healthy hair and nails. Thank you Fay and Nimue!"

And we all have our beliefs: No more denial - No running away - This is the final decision - Create your destiny!


We accept new clients at the moment. The coven essemble daily for casts.
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