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Poems can help anyone deal with heart ace, or can just be something to read, enjoy and think about. We post poems sent in to us from our clients and visitors. Send your poems today to and we will post them asap!

“You have the destiny
Of a perfect world
Come here and take my hand
Let me help you,
Let me bring you the light
Embrace the ethernal love
And find the truth with me”

The Circle of Nemue

“I was lost, and I heard the call,
I was lost but I follow the voice

That voice took me to you,
And touched me inside

I followed your thoughts,
And I found myself at last!”

Thank you…

Anne P. – Finland

Love knocked to my door
I didn’t know it was the one.
Late I realized about it
But my sorry was ignored…

I came to you with sorrow
You took me in a friendly hug
You wispered don’t worry
And you gave my love back.

Roland Marino, Oh, USA.

I’ve seen things out
And tired of walking arround
I looked inside of me
I saw a desert, hate and loneliness…

I run to you scared
Seeking for help, ashamed
You held my soul
And brought life to me!

Nadja (55) – Ukraine

I was the ugly duck of the story,
I was the deformed king!
My shadow was scary and evil
But that was only a shell…

You turn me into the swan,
You changed my shape for good.
My shadow, free and beauty now
My ineer shine has been released.

Blessed you all! Richardo, B. - Brazil

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