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* What is Celtic magick?
That's a very difficult question to answer briefly but also a common question so we have put some information about this under "Celtic Background" for the curious ones.

* Are there any risks in this?
No, Celtic magic is pure white magic and we only work with positive energies and light forces which doesn't bring bad karma or side-effects.

* What if I don't find the spell I want on your site?
The spells on our site are good to give you an idea of what you might want but if you want something different we will do that for you! Just tell us what you prefer and we will help you find the right spell for you.

* How do I order a spell?
Write us an email explaining your situation and what you want our help with. Also include your full name and DOB. One of us will contact you and send you the information you need for payment.

* Do I have to perform any ceremony?
There will be a ceremony that we will give to you. This is not the spell itself and it will be very easy for you to do. It will help connect you with the magick we summon and also it will empower the spell. You do not need to do it but it is recommended.

* Will the spell fail if I donít perform it?
No, it wonít but it might be delayed as it will be more difficult to connect the energies to your case.

* Will you charge me more if the case gets complicated?
If you have a strong spell we usually do not charge more. We take full responsibility and we work as much as needed to make it work.

* Why you donít do telephone consultations?
We know that a lot of people work in that way, but it takes too much energy and it goes against our beliefs so we donít do phone consultations, but you will see that itís not necessary as we will always answer you as fast as we can.

* How fast will you answer to me?
In general you will receive your answer within some hours after your mail, but donít be panic if it takes us a little longer as we cast the spells as well.

* How can I pay?
The easiest way is Paypal either by the payment link we will send you or if you already have an account. If you don't want to use a credit card.

* Will you answer if I write to you even after the spell has been cast?
Of course we will! Our job doesn't end until you have the results you want. After the spell has been cast we will answer your questions weekly unless it's urgent.

* Do you offer any money back guarantee?
YES! In the rare case that a spell doesn't work, you can request a refund after 6 months have passed or you can request a recast after 60 days. Just let us know and we will help you.

We accept new clients at the moment. The coven essemble daily for casts.
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